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Get to know Sabrina!

Sabrina is a serial entrepreneur. Over the years, Sabrina has been sought after for her
business expertise. From an early age, Sabrina was groomed for entrepreneurship. As
a 4th generation entrepreneur, she is skilled at creating opportunities, producing
results, making business concepts and skills readily understandable and immediately
useful to her clients. Known for her innovative and occasionally unorthodox approaches

to business, Sabrina shares her insights, methodologies and lessons learned along the
way to show others how they can take their Big Ideas from inception
to completion.

In the past 16 years, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge as an entrepreneur
specializing in product distribution, operations management, warehousing, corporate social responsibility, supply chain and logistics
strategies. In 2010, she established the first Logistics, Supply Chain and Entrepreneur Program for teens.

Professional Education

Sabrina holds a Bachelor's degree in Logistics, Material and Supply Chain Management from The University of Memphis. She received
a Master's Certification in Government Contracting and has a Graduate degree in Procurement and Acquisition Management from
Webster University. Sabrina is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified, she also holds a host of other certifications in various business areas.

On A Personal Note

"The future of entrepreneurship, business, technology and the global economy will depend greatly on how well we prepare ourselves and
our children today. Entrepreneurship and business has always been my favorite subjects since childhood. By gaining first-hand
experience in a successful family owned construction business which has been around for over 60 years is where I developed my
leadership skills and love for entrepreneurship. My insights working in male-dominated industries has enabled me to develop unique
perspectives which I've used to help others succeed as entrepreneurs and in business."

Sabrina is not only an entrepreneur, but a mentor, speaker and community leader who is passionate about advocating for women, children
and equality. Her extensive business knowledge, professional experiences and community involvement has enabled her to share her
knowledge and many talents to empower others to achieve greatness.

Sabrina is a wife and mother of two teenage daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, embarking on
new adventures, chasing lighthouses and building new relationships."
"We were engineered for success and endowed with
the seeds of GREATNESS. The seed of GREATNESS
that enter our lives every single day are ideas, concept
and wisdom that come to stir us to action.